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ASFOUR Crystal

 Asfour Crystal is a globally recognized name that is synonymous with unique quality and decades of dedication. Once voiced, the words Asfour Crystal bring to mind images of precision cuts, unmatched clarity and luminous, colourful sparkle. With more than 50 years of experience in the field of crystal manufacturing, it's easy to see why.

Since its establishment in 1961, Asfour Crystal has had deep-rooted dedication to quality that goes hand-in-hand with innovation. Through the years, the company has grown from a humble 2,200 square meter workspace with 200 craftsman and simple, basic production tools to being today's largest manufacturer and exporter of crystal across the four corners of the globe.

Such a worldwide reputation is one that we treasure and work persistently on maintaining. Asfour crystal prides itself at having a production capacity that exceeds 100 tons of crystal per day, providing the world with the finest quality of transparent and coloured crystals that are guaranteed to shine forever. Asfour crystal is the field's leading international manufacturer of the present time.

Based on a build-up area more than 1.2 million square meters and employing more than 28,000 carefully selected employees and highly talented craftsmen and women, Asfour crystal holds the true treasures of the trade within the walls of its factory. Asfour's highly skilled workers and artists use the most sophisticated tools and techniques in the field to create the world's brightest, purest crystals for countless applications and uses.

Most of the tools and machinery used in the factories have been designed, developed and manufactured by Asfour Crystal for Asfour Crystal. Simply put, Asfour Crystal is a legacy of luxurious crystal that enlightens the globe.

Today, Asfour Crystal is The world's

Largest Producer of crystal
Biggest built-up facility for crystal production
Single largest employer of skilled crystal craftsmen and women
Most used crystal brand by European and key international chandelier manufacturers


K9 Crystal

K9 is a Chinese Optical Crystal manufactured in China which is not a true crystal.  It is often marketed as "crystal" or "faux crystal" or "imitation crystal".  Chinese crystal is often molded and pressed, this often results in visible seams in the glass and does not produce the same precision facets and edges that feature in more expensive European or Egyptian crystal.

Chinese crystal can be great if your budget is low but just make sure that you are not paying more than you should and do not expect to get that classic colour and fire that is associated with more expensive crystal.

ASFOUR Crystal currently claims to be the world's largest producer of full lead crystal.  Based in Egypt, Asfour crystal is generally between 24% - 30% lead oxide content and while not as expensive Swarovski Strass, it is still crystal of a high quality.  Asfour crystal is known for its precision cut, clarity and high level of refraction.